200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Ananada Ashram

August 2020 – May 2021

Led by:
Michael Kohan

Michael Kohan

Sumukhi Sandy Marotta

Sumukhi Sandy Marotta

This Onyx Yoga Studio 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed for sincere students of yoga who have the desire to take their yoga practice and life to the next level as well as for those who want to learn the tools of becoming a great yoga teacher. Once a month students will immerse themselves into the life and culture of ashram living and develop a deep understanding of Yoga,. The training, teaches you to incorporate asana, chanting, music, meditation, mindfulness, Ayurveda and scriptural study into a challenging practice and prepares students to live a fulfilled and empowered life. Our goal is to attract students across multiple backgrounds to produce emboldened, informed and confident yoga teachers.

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2020 Training Dates

WEEK ONE August 7th – 9th 2020
WEEK TWO August 21st – 23rd 2020
WEEK THREE September 11th – 13th 2020
WEEK FOUR October 9th – 11th 2020
WEEK FIVE March 19th – 21st 2021
WEEK SIX April 23rd – 25th 2021
WEEK SEVEN May 21st – 23rd 2021


An immersion style yoga teacher training that will encourage participants to step out of the “daily grind” one weekend a month to focus solely on the ancient practice of yoga and how to become a well-rounded instructor.


All aspects of yoga, including: asana (how to develop vinyasa karma that are both intelligent and spiritually awakening), japa, pranayama, sadhana practice, early morning meditation practice, etc. By the end of the training, students will develop the habits and lifestyle of a yogi/yogini through the guidance and support of long time practitioners.


At Ananda Ashram, a Bhakti lineage ashram nestled in beautiful nature setting that allows for contemplation and deep yoga practice without the distractions of everyday life. Onyx Yoga Studio trainings will have exclusive access to Ananda Ashrams evening programs that feature world-renowned teachers and scholars.


Onyx Yoga Studio 200-Hour Teacher Training is a 1-weekend a month residential program. We expect students to wake up early in preparation for a full day of curriculum. We encourage students to adopt (or become familiar with) a vegan/vegetarian diet prior to the start of the training.

About Michael

Michael (Mukunda Chandra das) completed his 300 hour teacher training in 2013 under the guidance of Ragunath das and Sondra Loring. Additionally, in 2015 he will complete a 600 hour Anusara Yoga teacher training lead by Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzeny. His well-rounded asana classes incorporate creative Vinyasa sequencing along with meditation, clear intention, and uplifting music. Michael’s asana classes are infused with devotion and aligned with the spiritual teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Master Patanjali. He strives to embody the qualities of yoga – humility, compassion, devotional service and non-violence, and he believes his role is to serve others through the practice of yoga, enabling students to become steadfast in their yoga. He believes that in serving others, we come to realize our true purpose.

About Sandy

Karma Yoga is the path of selfless action without the need or desire for anything in return. Sandy’s life has followed that of a Karma Yogi, finding pure happiness and enjoyment when in service of others. Her deep sense of compassion for those around her has also helped Sandy become a well-versed and understanding yoga teacher for all populations. Although she was exposed to the practice of yoga at a young age, Sandy’s path to becoming an instructor didn’t begin until early adulthood. She completed her 200-Hour Certification at the Integral Yoga Institute NYC while also pursuing a B.S. in Marine Biology. After completing both her teacher training and college degree, she started working at Ashrams for Autism, an organization providing yoga in schools and facilities for the autism and special needs community. Today she serves as the Executive Director at Ashrams for Autism and spends her time both teaching for the organization and spreading its mission to individuals within the community. Sandy has seen and experienced first-hand the healing powers of yoga and firmly believes it can transform the body and mind for the better. Sandy also understands that the practice of yoga is unique to each individual. This philosophy is kept in mind when she is teaching to ensure that everyone has an optimal experience while taking her class.

Ananda Ashram

Onyx Yoga Studio 200 Hour Residential Teacher Training will be help at Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York. This yoga retreat and spiritual-educational center is just over one hour from New York City, founded in 1964 by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (then Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D.) as the country center of the Yoga Society of New York, Inc. Located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, the Ashram provides a serene, natural environment with woods and meadows surrounding a lake.


Accommodations are simple and meals are vegetarian. Guest and student accommodations provide dorm and semiprivate rooms with around fifty beds. Facilities include classrooms, meditation room, program halls, temples, memorial shrine, gift shop, seasonal swimming pool and publication center. The inspirational Ashram environment is well suited for a meditative retreat, holistic studies and exploration of the deeper aspects of life.

Nonrefundable Deposit: $500.

Tuition: $3850 including room and board.

Yoga Teacher Training students will receive 25% off their regular yoga class packages during the program. Payment plans available.

To register, call Onyx at (908) 834-8064 or:

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Interested in learning more about our Yoga Teacher Training? Email info@onyxyogastudio.com and put “200 Hour TT Ananda Ashram” in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.


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