500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Oct 2023 – May 2024

Actualize your teaching potential with Gopi’s 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Led by:
Malati Elliott

Malati Elliott

Jane Lindemann

Jane Lindemann

Reverend Jaganath

Reverend Jaganath

Sumukhi Sandy Marotta

Sumukhi Sandy Marotta

Special Guests

Special Guests

Registration is now open for our 2023-2024 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program. Hone your craft as a professional yoga teacher, become an expert in your subject and take a profound spiritual journey centered on the ancient texts and practices yogis have referred to for centuries. As a community of skilled teachers in study and practice with one another, the Gopi Yoga Alliance Certified 500 Hour training program will uplift us all. Will you join us?

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“Yoga does not transform the way we see things. It transforms the person who sees.”


Consider Gopi Yoga Teacher Training if you:

  • Want the eyes and means to help your students have deep yogic experiences. 
  • The journey of Yoga is a lifetime of expanding deeper and deeper into your hearts.  Bhakti only activates in community through experience.  Let’s light our internal embers together! 
  • Have taken many scattered trainings and workshops and desire to crack the code of how these different modalities all fit together.  
  • Wish to gain a better understanding of the history of yoga asana and how it made its way here.  India, oh India… 
  • Seek confidence in your understanding and ability to teach body mechanics, philosophy and the history of yoga. 
  • Want to expand your private clientele but feel you need more expertise on teaching in intimate settings. 
  • Know that there is not one but many forms of “yoga philosophy” and want to understand this vast topic deeply and how to choose your own path. 
  • Yearn to hold moving, spiritually inspired classes but so far lack the confidence/experience in your own knowledge of yoga.  Learn the magic trick that is gifted to us step by step in the texts.   
  • Want to elevate your own vibration; to hold the seat of the teacher optimally in your classrooms and in your life.  Become the vessel for the Absolute. 
  • Want to pursue being the best leader you can be for your students.
  • Desire to establish yourself as an expert of Truth.

In Gopi Yoga Teacher Training you will GAIN:

  • A thorough study of the following primary texts: the Srimrad Bhagavatam, as well as an advanced examination of the Yoga Sutras Book Three and Four.  
  • We will not simply be studying the texts, we will be participating in the practices and disciplines all designed to release the conditioned Soul of the confusion of the material illusion.   
  • Experience the Truth of who You really are.  Sat- Truth, Chit – Knowing, Ananda- Bliss.  You are Satchidananda in your birthright.   
  • Advanced asana (physical postures) study with a focus on alignment, body mechanics and refining how to help specific bodies instead of generally teaching to the whole room (this especially helps with teaching private clients) 
  • Different approaches to the Art of Assisting so that you can develop confidence in your own style. 
  • Experience with advanced ancient meditation and pranayama techniques.  Every thing you need is already inside of You.  
  • An anatomical understanding of breath and pranayama & the ability to speak to the science of breath in your teaching. 
  • A community of committed students & teachers of yoga to grow alongside through study, practice and deep conversation

Gopi Yoga Teacher Training starts mid-October 2023 and runs through May 2024 meeting primarily one weekend per month. Benefit now from our “early bird” registration that is truly affordable.

A Typical Day

Stay tuned.


10/13/2023        to            10/15/2023

11/3/2023        to            11/5/2023

11/17/2022        to            11/19/2023

12/15/2023             to            12/17/2023

1/5/2024             to            1/7/2024

2/2/2024           to            2/4/2024

3/1/2024           to            3/3/2024

3/22/2024           to            3/24/2024

4/12/2024           to            4/14/2024

5/3/2024           to           5/5/2024

5/31/2024           to         6/1/2024

Nonrefundable Deposit: $500.

Tuition: $4,996 .

Early bird price if paid in full by July 1, $4,616.

Yoga Teacher Training students will receive 25% off their regular yoga class packages during the program. Payment plans available.  Register on line or call Gopi  at (908) 834-8064.

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Interested in learning more about our Yoga Teacher Training? email malati@gopiyogacenter.com and put “500 Hour TT” in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.



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