Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Expand into your deepest potential with Gopi’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Led by Malati Elliott & Jane Lindeman.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Actualize your teaching potential with Gopi’s 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Led by Malati Elliott & Jane Lindeman.

Chair Yoga Teacher Training

Bring the benefits of Yoga to all levels of students by utilizing yoga postures, pranayama, drishti, vinyasa and bandhas with the support of the folding chair. In this training Jane will place emphasis on providing teachers with the tools of knowledge and experience to create yoga classes based upon their students’ physical, emotional, and mental needs. Learn to use the chair for knee limitations, hip limitations, injuries, and seniors. This training will be great for expanding your knowledge, skills, and confidence in these conditions you will see in working with students that have a limited range of motion for varying reasons.

Children's Yoga Teacher Training

The Peace Play 24 hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training is a fun and interactive training that will provide you with all the tools you need to teach a safe, fun and effective yoga class for children ages 2-12. The Peace Play method of teaching yoga to children incorporates games, music, props, arts & crafts, imagination and so much more!


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