A School with a Difference

“Education is the basis for a successful future. And we prepare our school girls for it.”

The charity was formed 30 years ago by the founders with the primary objective of educating young girls.

In India, especially in rural areas, girls are considered a liability. A girl’s education is not a priority. As soon as a girl reaches puberty, the parents will marry the young girl without her consent in an arranged marriage.

The primary aims and objectives of FFLV are to educate the poor girls in Vrindavan, empowering them to transform their lives and take their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

An educated girl becomes integral to the social fabric; her learning and skills break the historical cycle of ignorance. A street kid growing up begging. The suffering is unimaginable, and ignorance and delusions make up their living habitat. She has neither confidence nor hope. Her life and the lives of those around her are ruined. A social curse which is perpetuated generation after generation.

FFLV runs three schools giving free education to more than 1800 girls from kindergarten to inter-college. The girls are educated to 12th grade at our premises. University fees and scholarships are provided by the charity, and constant review and mentoring of the girls is undertaken by the charity until they graduate.

Education, education is the key to their liberation. Please empower these young girls and send them to school.

Educate a Girl


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